Presentation Schedule

Technical Session 1 Internet of Things, Signal Processing and Modelling Solutions

051 Flow Visualisation Over the Low Sweep Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) Configuration
019 Planar Dynamics of Dual-Quadrotors Cooperative Carrying a Slender Beam
028 Empirical-Based Irrigation Model Using Predicted Soil Moisture for Durian Plantation
112 Dynamic Modelling and Analysis for Parallel Robots Actuated by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
105 Constructing 3-Dimensional (3D) Model Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) on Aerial Informatics and Robotics Simulation (AirSim) for UAV
090 A Design of Portable IoT Vital Signs Monitoring Device
029 Lightweight IoT-Based Indoor Positioning for Guard Touring System
032 An Experimental Performance Evaluation of LoRa Wireless Communication in Multistorey Building with Dynamic Environment
026 Performance Evaluation of UAV-Based LoRa Wireless Communication Network
099 IoT System Design of Thermoelectric Generator for Harvesting Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Energy
025 Signal Detection Based on Atrial Fibrillation Detection Algorithms Using ECG-Features Extraction
057 Vibration Analysis of HVAC Systems for Potentially Harvesting Piezoelectric Vibration Energy
062 Design and Evaluation of Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy Probe for pH Measurement in Fetal Hypoxia Using COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation
142 Design and Analysis of Silicon Nanowire Array Based on SAW Gas Sensor
106 A Study on the Arrival Time of Ultrasonic Waves in Concrete Material

Technical Session 2 Applications of Control Systems Engineering and Optimization


Use of Tower Cranes in Dynamics and Control Education for Mechanical-Engineering Students


A Simple Energy Management System for a Micro Grid System Using Rule-Based Algorithm


Preliminary Findings on EEG-Controlled Prosthetic Hand for Stroke Patients


An Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for a Single-Linked Inverted Pendulum System


Adaptive Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control of Quadrotor MAV


Enhancement of Robust Control Law for Active Front Steering Control Strategy


Neural Network-Based Battery Management System for Through-the-Road Hybrid Electric Vehicle


Hybrid Core Power Control using PI, Fuzzy and MPC for TRIGA Nuclear Reactor


Modelling and PID Control of Fully Actuated Quadcopter


Speed Control of a BLDC Motor Using Artificial Neural Network with ESP32 Microcontroller-Based Implementation


Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for a Photovoltaic System Connected to a Grid



Achieving Pitch Control of Fixed-Wing Aircraft Through Moving-Mass Control System



Raspberry Pi-Based Intelligent Traffic Signal Control at Intersections



Design and Implementation of a Modified Fuzzy PD Controller for the Speed Control of a Brushed DC Motor



Performance Improvements and Torque Ripple Minimization for Direct Torque Control Drive Fed Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Control



Cascade of Fractional Order PID Based PSO Algorithm for Pneumatic Positioning System



Simulation of Multi-Constraints Cargo Arrangement and Optimization



Analysis of Space Optimization of Three-Dimensional Container Loading Problem



Sizing of Standalone Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Cogeneration System Using Particle Swarm Optimization



Data-Driven Model for Human Tracking and Prediction Using Kalman Filter with Particle Swarm Optimization



Optimizing PID Controller Coefficients Using an Improved Biogeography-Based Optimization to Stabilize Movements of Quadcopters



Optimized PID Controller of a Laboratory-Scaled Water Distribution System Via Swarm Intelligence Techniques



Bat Algorithm on Task Scheduling of Assembly Production-Line Manufacturing on Digital Manufacturing System (DMS)



Optimization of Controller Design for Magnetic Levitation System by PSO, GSA, and PSOGSA


Technical Session 3 Machine Learning and Robotics in Practice

102 Prediction of Occupant’s Head Movement During Slalom Driving via Artificial Neural Network with Multiple Training Algorithms
017 A Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Neural Network (NARX) Model for the Prediction of the pH Neutralization Process for Palm Oil Mill Effluent
108 GSM Device Localization in Indoor Environment using Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
063 Low-Resolution Image Classification of Cracked Concrete Surface Using Conventional Machine Learning Methods
012 Novel Approach Using Passive UHF RFID for Grain Moisture Detection
052 Acoustic Anomaly Detection of Mechanical Failure: Time-Distributed CNN-RNN Deep Learning Models
123 Speed Up Grid-Search for Kernels Selection of Support Vector Regression
117 A Spatio-Temporal Approach with Transformer Network for Heart Disease Classification with 12-Lead Electrocardiogram Signals
056 Pre-trained Language Model with Feature Reduction and No Fine-Tuning
071 Protection Relay Performance Comparison for Faults Detection and Classification Based on ANN and ANFIS
096 Comparison of Neural Network Training Algorithms for Indoor Localization
066 Transferring Near Infrared Spectroscopic Calibration Model Across Different Harvested Seasons Using Joint Distribution Adaptation
065 Flapping Induced Piezoelectric Transduction for Novel Disaster Management UAVs
139 Analysis of the Hybrid Adhesion Mechanism of the Wall Climbing Robot
030 Early Condition Monitoring of UAV Propellers Based on Vibration Data

Technical Session 4 Advances in Computed Tomography and Control

031 3D Tomogram using On-Chip ECT with AC-Based Capacitance Measuring System
048 Image Reconstruction Enhancement for Electrical Capacitance Tomography Using an Improved Sensitivity Map
043 Performance Comparison for On-Chip 3D ECT Using Peripheral and Distributed Electrode Arrangement
111 Industrial SPECT System for Imaging Water Level Inside a Horizontal Pipe
107 Investigation of Solid Velocity Measurement Using Single-Plane Versus Dual-Plane of Electrical Capacitance Tomography for Coal Power Plant Application
122 A Study of the Effect of Pipe Material in Electrical Capacitance Tomography for Gas-Solid Flow
080 Coal Adsorption: 3D Imaging of Gas Sorption Isotherms by X-Rays Computed Tomography
084 Hardware Development of Dual-Modality Tomography Using Electrical Resistance and Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography for Imaging Liquid and Gas
041 Model Reference Adaptive Controller Design for Electrohydraulic Actuator System with Varying Disturbance

Technical Session 5 Measurement and Engineering Applications

076 Low-Cost Multiple-Pass Confocal Surface Profiler
097 An Ultrasonic System for Detecting Foreign Contaminants in Milk
103 The Effect of a Rectangular Core with Magnet Coupling for Magnetic Fields Waste Energy Harvesting from an Induction Motor
013 The Effects of Changing Dynamic Viscosity of Fluid to Velocity, Pressure and Volume Fraction in Co-Axial and Tri-Axial Millifluidics
118 A Sampling Time Study for Model Predictive Control in Induction Motor Using Processor-In-Loop Verification
034 Fabrication of Custom Made Three-Wheel Electric Scooter
072 Performance Analysis of Parallel Virtual Machine in Solving Large-Scale Multi-Dimensional Problems
141 Self-Healing Fluidic Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
104 Development of a Hybrid Transparent Graphene Film with Conductive Polymer
114 Fuzzy Compensation Scheme for Dynamic Lift-Off Effect in Eddy Current Testing (ECT) of Carbon Steel Pipe Defect Inspection